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"inMailX forces me to organise my emails.  Every time I send an email, I am prompted to file it.  In my profession, it is vitally important to be able to easily locate and retrieve emails."


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Email Management


Are you finding it increasingly difficult to address the growing number of emails received on a daily basis?  Do you struggle to find time to manage your emails, resulting in your inbox becoming a surrogate "to do" list?

With these common problems in mind, Digitus has developed inMailX, an intelligent eMail eXtension for Microsoft Outlook.  Whilst the designers of email software such as Outlook focussed on ensuring emails arrived as fast and accurately as possible, how a user managed those emails was the user's concern.  To this end, inMailX has been designed to assist with email management, compliance and productivity, in one single add-in.

Busy schedules mean emails are often not managed as they should be.  It can be hard to find the time to print, file and follow up emails with the sheer volume of traffic passing through our mailboxes.  Wouldn't it be so much easier if these individual processes were combined into one simple step?

This is precisely what inMailX is about.  Emails can be quickly filed into Outlook folders or document management systems, and follow up appointments or tasks eaily scheduled as emails are sent or received.  What was a three or four step process becomes one action, thanks to inMailX intuitive workflow.  Not only does this save time, but ensures comprehensive management of emails as they are sent or received.

Better yet, inMailX can integrate with your company's existing document management system, ensuring your corporate filing policies are adhered to at all times.  This equals responsible management of email traffic, policy adherence and a significant time saving.  inMailX Email Management integrates with Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint, Micro Focus Content Manager, iManage Work/Worksite, NetDocuments, Worldox and Network File Systems, just to name a few!

inMailX not only assists with filing and scheduling - it can also save valuable time when composing emails.  Attachments can be converted to PDF and/or compressed whilst composing, removing the need to exit Outlook to perform these tasks.  Prompts can be used to ensure email attachments are metadata cleaned prior to send, protecting your company's confidentiality over its email content.  inMailX also includes quick content functionality, saving valuable time spent composing emails, whilst reducing typist error.

inMailX can bring value to any industry in which important information is transmitted and retained electronically.  Professional services industries, such as legal, accounting and finance, insurance, building and construction and government agencies can all benefit from the enhanced ability to properly manage important email information.

These are just a few of inMailX' benefits; to learn more about how inMailX can bring value to your business, click here.