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"inMailX has provided our users with a new way to work,has significantly increased productivity,and helped I.T. deilvery several key new initiatives by building confidence  with the platform."


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Desktop Productivity


Digitus introduces inDocX, a family of desktop applications designed to simplify how your business manages documents.  The unfortunate reality is, as businesses grow, so do the costs and hours spent handling paperwork.  inDocX aims to improve how your business manages its paperwork, saving valuable time and money.

The inDocX family of desktop applications include:

  • inDocX Importer
  • inDocX MetaCleaner
  • inDocX PDFStamper

inDocX Importer allows staff to easily save multiple PDF documents straight to a document management system in one process.  Such PDF documents may be previewed or rotated without opening to ensure all documents are correctly formatted prior to saving.  Valuable time is saved through the ability to import and format numerous documents in one process.

inDocX MetaCleaner is a flexible, standalone application that allows staff to quickly and easily clean confidential metadata in Word, Excel and PDF documents.  Your business can address its risk management initiatives and maintain confidentiality over document content through the use of inDocX MetaCleaner.

inDocX PDFStamper enables staff to easily add page numbers and other additional custom information, such as date and time, to existing PDF documents.  PDF documents may be previewed without opening and specifications may be made to the style of PDF stamping, such as page placement, content, font, selective page stamping, etc.

The inDocX family of desktop applications is a must for any business dealing with a high volume of paperwork.  Click here for more information.