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Customer Stories

"inMailX has been a game changer and one of the most beneficial and easiest tools that we have ever implemented."  (Connie G. Willingham)

"The product is great and easy to implement.  I would put other projects on hold briefly for the quick gains inMailX achieves."  (Mike McGovern)

"inMailX has provided our users with a new way to work, has significantly increased productivity, and helped I.T. deliver several key new initiatives by building confidence with the platform."  (Andrew Pritchett)

"The workflow surrounding converting and getting documents to clients is now a "one click" process. The email message is now like a document management workspace which means our staff do not need to move around the PC environment to collect files, rename and create secure PDF files.  With inMailX, they can now do it all from within the email message."  (Dale Flemming)

"Immediate time savings were realised with inMailX by being able to easily Rename, PDF and ZIP attachments while composing emails, without having to jump in and out of Microsoft Outlook in order to use other utilities."  (Stephen Butler)

"inMailX forces me to organise my emails. Every time I send an email, I am prompted to file it. In my profession, it is vitally important to be able to easily locate and retrieve emails."  (Oliver Conick)

"Just a quick note to let you know that I am really enjoying the use of the task creator you have added to inMailX. It makes it easier to keep track of pending matters."  (Lauren Cant)

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