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inDocX Importer


inDocX Importer is an enterprise document capture and importing solution designed to provide users with tools and functionality for easily importing electronic documents of different types (e.g. scans, PDF, TIF, DOC, XLS, etc.) into electronic document and records management systems (eDRMS).


inDocX Importer will give your staff the flexibility to:

  • Preview and import multiple documents of different types in one transaction
  • Selectively rotate an entire scanned PDF document or individual pages
  • Add frequently used import destinations to Favorites for faster importing
  • Use Recents destinations to quickly import documents into the same locations or folders 
  • Change scanned documents view between PDF, TXT and OCR
  • Select OCR text or image for copying to other applications


inDocX Importer Connectors are used to integrate inDocX Importer with third party document/records management systems, network file systems, and other line of business applications.

When used with its optional connectors, inDocX Importer allows users to easily import electronic or scanned documents directly into third party document/records management systems, such as: SharePoint, TRIM, Worksite, or existing file system folder structures used by third party business applications.

The following optional connectors are available:

  • inDocX FileSystem Connector
  • inDocX SharePoint Connector
  • inDocX TRIM Connector
  • inDocX Worksite Connector


For a free inDocX Importer product demonstration, please contact us!


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