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"inMailX has been a game changer and one of the most beneficial and easiest tools that we have ever implemented."


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inMailX is an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity suite for Microsoft Outlook and third party document management systems.  inMailX brings together tools and functionality staff need to effectively manage emails, attachments, and their time when using Outlook and document management systems.

Its intuitive interface has been designed to combine most common tasks, such as "Attachments Clean, PDF, Rename, Reorder or ZIP", "Send, File & Print (including attachments)" into simple one-click actions. 

inMailX integrates seamlessly with document management systems (SharePoint, TRIM, Worksite, Worldox, WebDAV repositories) and network folder structures, helping staff improve their email compliance, productivity and the quality of work, while maintaining focus and reducing operational errors. 

Digitus has developed several inMailX modules that can be purchased separately or bundled in two cost effective suites, inMailX Standard or inMailX Professional. 

With its optional connectors for document management and file system integration, inMailX allows staff to efficiently file emails and attachments into third party document/records management systems (SharePoint, TRIM, Worksite, Worldox, etc.), existing client/matter directories, or other file system folder structures. 




Digitus inDocX is a family of desktop applications that provide:

  • Metadata cleaning functionality (inDocX MetaCleaner)
  • Scanned documents importing into documents management systems (inDocX Importer)
  • Electronic bates stamping for PDF documents (inDocX PDFStamper).



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