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January 2024 - New inMailX 3.24.0101 Version

The first inMailX 3.24.0101 production release for 2024 is now available.

This version adds new 'Clean All Metadata' and 'Keep Track Changes' default cleaning profiles; new Attachments Clean support for wildcard patterns in Preserve Document Tags and Custom Properties; embedded inDocX Clean integration with iManage Work 10; new Reply All Warning support for nested distribution lists; new iManageWork Connector enhancements.

Below are some of the new features included in this release:

  • New 'Clean All Metadata' and 'Keep Track Changes' Default Profiles
  • Clean Support for Wildcard Patterns in Preserve Tags/Properties
  • inDocX Clean Integration with iManage Work 10
  • Reply All Warning Support for Nested Distribution Lists
  • Signatures 'Allow User Settings' Options for New Messages/Replies
  • iManageWork Connector Enhancements

For a complete list of all new features, fixes and enhancements, please check the latest release notes available on our customer portal, and keep sending us your feedback and suggestions.

To see a demo of how inMailX improves email management, compliance and productivity across all users, please contact us.