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June 2022 - New inMailX 3.22.0601 Version

inMailX 3.22.0601 production release is now available. 

This version resolves Outlook/Exchange 365 disconnection issues reported by some customers; adds new Attachments Clean options to Remove Dates and Replace Author in tracked changes; new Send Guard Recipients Checking logic to only confirm certain recipients; email Signatures support for user's Custom Attributes in Global Address List; new Content ASKDATE 'NextTuesday', 'NextWednesday', 'NextThursday', 'NextFriday' options to set default date; Content Manager Initiate Workflow 'Assignee' option to select assignee per linked folder; Content Manager Store 'Show Workflows' menu option to show assigned workflows for selected record.

Below are some of the new features included in this release:

  • Resolves Outlook/Exchange 365 Disconnection Issues
  • Attachments Clean Options to Remove Dates and Replace Author
  • Send Guard Recipients Checking Logic to Only Confirm Certain Recipients
  • Updated Outlook Forms Logic to Accommodate Embedded Images
  • Updated Global/Personal Content Logic to Accommodate Embedded Images
  • Content ASKDATE 'NextTuesday', 'NextWednesday', 'NextThursday', 'NextFriday' Options
  • SharePoint Connector Enhancements for Large Document Libraries
  • Improved Linked Folders Processing Logic for All DMS Connectors

For a complete list of all new features, fixes and enhancements, please check the latest release notes available on our customer portal, and keep sending us your feedback and suggestions.

To see a demo of how inMailX improves email management, compliance and productivity across all users, please contact us.