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August 2022 - ILTACON 2022 Annual Conference

After 2+ years of international border closures, we are very excited to be back at ILTACON 2022 Annual Conference, 21-25 August 2022, National Harbor, USA. If you are going to be at ILTACON, don’t miss visiting our 'inMailX by Digitus' booth #635. Our team will be on hand to meet and show you the latest email security and productivity enhancements offered by inMailX.

July 2022 - New inMailX 3.22.0701 Version

New inMailX 3.22.0701 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Security feature to view and confirm passwords; new Send Guard Recipients Preview Contact Information for selected recipient; new Signatures Pronouns user field to enable users to set their pronouns; Link Folders Status Information to show all active computers; Link Folders 'InstanceID' option to identify processing computer; enhancements for SharePoint, NetDocuments and iManage Connectors.

June 2022 - New inMailX 3.22.0601 Version

New inMailX 3.22.0601 production release is now available. This version resolves Outlook/Exchange 365 disconnection issues; adds new Attachments Clean options to Remove Dates and Replace Author in tracked changes; new Send Guard Recipients Checking logic to only confirm certain recipients; email Signatures support for user's Custom Attributes in Global Address List; new Content ASKDATE 'NextTuesday', 'NextWednesday', 'NextThursday', 'NextFriday' options; Content Manager Initiate Workflow 'Assignee' option; Content Manager Store 'Show Workflows' menu option.

May 2022 - New inMailX 3.22.0501 Version

New inMailX 3.22.0501 production release is now available. This version adds support for Micro Focus Content Manager 10.1; new Schedule Email Delivery feature; pre-set options to Schedule Email Delivery 'Tomorrow', 'Next Monday', 'Next Week'; new Forms <File> and <Folder> tags to deploy OFT templates from the network; new Forms <Group> </Group> tags to group multiple items; new Content ASKDATE 'NextMonday', 'NextWeek', 'NextMonth', 'NextYear' options; NetDocuments Store 'Copy Files' option.

April 2022 - New inMailX 3.22.0401 Version

New inMailX 3.22.0401 production release is now available. This version adds new Auto-Process Linked Folders option; new Date/Time Variables Mask UTC support for HH:mm time zone offset; new Forms 'FileExplorer', 'MicrosoftApplication' and 'ConnectorStore' variables for link target path; FileSystem Store 'Allow Copying to Same Location' option; NetDocuments 'New Documents' feature to enable users create new documents from Outlook; SharePoint Sites Large Document Libraries 'Pagination Limit' option; new Connectors Stores Navigation logic.

March 2022 - New inMailX 3.22.0301 Version

New inMailX 3.22.0301 production release is now available. This version adds new Always Clean Attachments on Send feature when sending emails with attachments, integrated Contextual Help for Settings window, Link Folders 'Content Type' option for SharePoint, new Delete Existing Outlook Signatures and Disable Editing Outlook Signatures options to clean up and enforce email signatures, new 'Support Large Site Collections and Document Libraries' options for SharePoint.

January 2022 - New inMailX 3.22.0101 Version

The first inMailX 3.22.0101 production release for 2022 is now available. This version adds new SharePoint Online Authetication enhancements, new Purge Filed Window 'Folders' scope options, Attachments Preview 'TIF' file properties, extra logic to log Windows environment and Office Applications information, and more.

December 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.1201 Version

New inMailX 3.21.1201 production release is now available. This is the last inMailX release for 2021 and it adds new 'Insert Contact' details into email body feature, new SharePoint 'Save as New Version' option when saving attachments, extended NetDocuments search content functionality, create new documents from existing records in Micro Focus Content Manager, improved Signatures 'Get' and 'Replace' functions, and FileSystem and iManage Work Connectors enhancements.

November 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.1101 Version

New inMailX 3.21.1101 production release is now available. This version adds support for Microsoft Windows 11; improved Link Folders and Auto-Filing logic; new Purge Filed emails from 'All Folders' to reduce mailbox size; enhanced Project and Visio files preview logic; automatically add default email signature to New Meetings; new FileSystem and SharePoint Store 'Folder' column to show parent folder; several other enhancements for Content Manager, SharePoint and NetDocuments connectors.

October 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.1001 Version

New inMailX 3.21.1001 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Unprotect for '7z' file types, new Outlook Store View Columns for Micro Focus Content Manager; SharePoint Mask Variables to return parent Library/Folder name; Content 'AskSignature' function; new inMailX PDFWriter custom preferences; iManage Work and NetDocuments connectors enhancements.

September 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0901 Version

New inMailX 3.21.0901 production release is now available. This version adds new Send Guard 'Distribution Lists' checking and preview; Link Folders 'Save Document Items' option to save documents from linked folders; new Content 'Ask' functions for Date, Time, Choice, List, Note, Text, and Numeric type fields; new 'Initiate Workflow' option when linking folders to Micro Focus Content Manager.

August 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0801 Version

New inMailX 3.21.0801 production release is now available. This version adds new Filing Queue to improve email filing performance; native PDF conversion for Project, Visio and AutoCAD attachments; new Predictive Email Filing for NetDocuments; new Content Manager 'Relate Item' when filing email or saving attachments; SharePoint 'Add to My Sites' option; NetDocuments feature to edit and check in documents from Outlook.