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Reduce your Footprint

Printing emails and attachments from Outlook is simple if you don't mind wasting a lot of paper.  Emails with multiple conversation threads can be very long and contain disclaimers for each response.  inMailX Print Manager can help reduce paper wastage by enabling users to only print a certain number of conversation threads, and selectively printing attachments in one simple step.

    Screenshot_370_Print Window

With inMailX Print Manager users can:

  • Send & Print* or Close & Print emails in one process
  • Selectively print the email message and required attachments
  • Print tracked changes in attached documents without opening Word
  • Print all columns on one page and all worksheets in Excel attachments
  • Print an optional cover page showing print summary
  • Print the attached emails and their attachments without opening them
  • Save paper by printing only the most recent email conversation threads
  • Set 'Printed' category to see which emails have already been printed

*When used in conjunction with inMailX Email Manager, staff can select to 'Send & Print' or 'Send, File & Print' emails; all with one click!

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