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Prevent Email Data Breaches

inMailX Attachment Manager has been designed to prevent accidental data breaches via email, and also provide users with efficient and intuitive email compliance and productivity tools in a single Outlook add-in.

The latest version of inMailX Attachment Manager includes the following compliance and productivity features:

  • Recipients and Attachments Checking -  prevent accidental data breaches by prompting users to check and confirm that confidential emails, meetings and attachments are being sent to the correct recipients;
  • Preview Attachments - preview attachments when composing emails to ensure that correct documents were attached before being sent;
  • Clean Metadata - remove metadata from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Image (jpg/jpeg) attachments and desktop files in one interface;
  • Password Protection - password protect Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and ZIP attachments in one interface;
  • PDF Conversion - users can easily convert and combine/bind email attachments of different types into a single PDF or PDF/A, and apply PDF security and restrictions on the fly;
  • Rename and Reorder - enable users to easily personalize the names of each attachment and specify the order in which the attachments should appear in the email;
  • ZIP Compression - compress multiple attachments into a ZIP file, and secure compressed file with password encryption;
  • Restrict File Types – alert users when trying to send internal DMS links or other specific file types to external recipients;
  • Undo and Redo - users can quickly rectify attachments cleaning or conversion errors by simply reverting the attachments to their previous state;
  • Reply All Warning – alerts users when replying to multiple recipients, and it can be configured to alert for all recipients or external recipients only;
  • Disable 'Reply/Reply All/Forward’ – enable users to disable the Reply, Reply All or Forward buttons when sending internal emails to minimise email chatter;
  • Reply with Attachments – enable users to preserve original attachments and recipients when replying;
  • Open All Attachments - save time and effort by quickly opening all email attachments with one click.

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