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About Us

Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd ("Digitus") is an innovative and dynamic Australian software development company committed to excellence in providing smarter business tools and productivity solutions that incorporate open innovation and reliability.

Digitus is the developer of inMailX, the leading email management and productivity tool for Microsoft Outlook; LawConnect intranet workspace for law firms, and inDocX suite of desktop applications for legal, finance, accounting, professional services, government and other organisations.

We are dedicated to reduce the complexity and time required to develop and implement software solutions that enable businesses to expand and succeed. We emphasise efficient, flexible and cost effective solutions incorporating innovation and reliability.

Our mission is to help you focus on your work and the development of your business. Applying technology only where it adds value to your business, we will help you solve your problems, not create new ones. 

As part of delivering flexible, cost-effective and efficient software solutions, we are closely working with you to facilitate the development, implementation and introduction of new services at the speed you determine.

We have developed successful relationships with our clients by understanding their information and technological needs, and providing them with the best advice and solutions in software development, data communications, information systems design, connectivity and integration.

Our professional team has always been guided by an inspiring and innovative tradition to constantly seek, develop, implement and support the best possible products, and to compete by developing superior products, solutions, technologies and services. At Digitus on time delivery, system commissioning in accordance with deadlines and a continuous commitment to technical excellence and quality are considered vital.

Digitus supports employee innovation and creativity and implements the best of the ideas generated. Part of our investment in research and development is placing the right people in the right jobs and encouraging employees to innovate and develop their own roles. We dedicate extensive technological and financial resources into the programming and engineering departments, which keep our company on the cutting edge of technology.

As a leading provider of business information systems, Digitus will develop, recommend and supply software and systems, which meet your requirements and allow for flexibility and growth potential.

We are looking forward to an opportunity to assist with managing your information needs!