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The success of any business is only proportional to its ability to best utilise the resources at its disposal. LawConnect harnesses the intellectual resources across an organisation, unifying and sharing knowledge from a central access point and delivering a significant competitive advantage.

LawConnect is an intranet workspace for law firms, based upon DigitusNet platform, which has been designed for easy internal information publishing and navigation, that enables staff to share, co-ordinate and communicate staff details, available internal expertise, news, announcements, and electronic documents. It enables individuals to share and build on intelligence across departments and between different locations.

A wide variety of internal information can be stored, streamlining internal operations and centralising resources for regular use. Staff details, individual expertise, current news, internal documents, financial reports, guidelines, resource libraries, document indexing, company directory can all be fully managed by the user.

As an internal forum LawConnect enables and encourages interaction amongst colleagues. As well as informing day-to-day business decisions LawConnect also fosters a sense of community amongst disparate departments across the business structure.

Bases of operation, irrespective of their geographic distance, can be connected with a high level of security and service. In addition to this LawConnect can be integrated with existing databases to synchronise data at predetermined intervals.

The aim of LawConnect is empower staff with the information and communication tools they need to better achieve their professional objectives. Staff and client contact details and professional particulars can be sorted for fast and easy retrieval and a tiered security structure ensures that specific information is only visible to those with access.

Word processing files, spreadsheets, multimedia files, standard documents or otherwise can be uploaded; available for easy download by anyone connected to the system. This way files that are frequently accessed can be updated from a central source, ensuring that they remain accurate, consistent and current. The interface can also be tailor made to reflect corporate branding.
 LawConnect centralises all internal company matters and resources in a common web interface. The LawConnect service is also supported by the dedicated team of IT specialists at Digitus Information Systems.


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