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"This product is great and easy to implement.  I would put other projects on hold briefly for the quick gains inMailX achieves."

Mike McGovern
IT Manager, Baldwins NZ


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Enterprise Email Management, Compliance and Productivity Solution

inMailX is an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook, which provides the functionality and tools users need to effectively manage their emails and attachments.  inMailX integrates seamlessly with records and document management systems, cloud and network folder structures, helping users improve their email filing compliance.

With inMailX staff can improve their emails and attachments management compliance, productivity and the quality of work, while maintaining focus and reducing operational errors.  inMailX substantially enhances existing Outlook functionality and provides users with the ability to:

 - Create, file and organise emails, tasks and appointments
 - Print email content and attachments selectively and simultaneously
 - Save paper by printing only the most recent email conversation threads
 - Combine, bookmark and secure multiple attachments into PDF
 - Remove metadata from Word, Excel or PDF attachments
 - Reorder and Rename email attachments on the fly
 - Compress (ZIP) email attachments while composing emails
 - Schedule follow-up tasks/appointments when reading or sending emails
 - Reduce repetitive typing and quickly compose standard emails with quick content
 - File emails into external document management or file system structures, etc.

Its user interface is simple and intuitive, and it has been designed to combine most common tasks, such as "Send, File & Print", "Close, File & Print" or "Attachments Clean, Rename, Reorder and PDF conversion", into simple one-click actions.  Digitus has developed several inMailX modules that can be purchased separately or bundled in two cost effective suites, inMailX Standard and inMailX Professional.

inMailX Standard includes the following modules:

  • Attachment Manager (AM)
  • Content Manager (CM)
  • Print Manager (PM)

inMailX Professional includes the following modules:

  • Email Manager (EM)
  • Attachment Manager (AM)
  • Content Manager (CM)
  • Print Manager (PM)
  • Time Manager (TM)
  • Brand Manager (BM)

inMailX scales easily to meet the needs of any organisation, and it brings teams productivity to new levels. 

As new users are created, they automatically receive enhanced email management functionality, efficient attachments Clean, PDF, ZIP, Rename and Reorder tools, global quick text content, personalised email signatures and standardised corporate forms, so that they can immediately become productive. 


Integration with third party electronic documents and records management systems

When used with its optional connectors for document/records management and file system integration, inMailX enhances Microsoft Outlook capabilities to file emails into third party document/records management systems, such as: SharePoint, HP TRIM, HPE Records Manager, HPE Content Manager, iManage/Worksite, Worldox, WebDAV (Oracle UCM, WebDAV Repositories, etc.), Cloud or Network Folders (Box, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, MYOB Accountants Enterprise, MYOB Insolvency, APS Folders, etc.).

By integrating directly into Microsoft Outlook, inMailX allows staff to take control over managing their emails without losing any of the existing Outlook functionality. To find out more, click here.


Save time, Reduce costs, Increase productivity

With inMailX, organisations will ensure that their staff are able to maintain their sent and received emails organised, that email attachments can easily be cleaned, converted to PDF, reanmed and reordered, and that paper wastage is reduced by being able to truncate email printing and selectively print attachments.

In addition, organisations will improve their email branding by being able to centrally deploy and maintain standardised corporate email forms and signatures which are integrated Exchange Global Address List and Active Directory.

Since inMailX is extremely intuitive, it allows users to take advantage of its benefits with minimal training, and without delay. This translates into saving valuable time, reduced running costs, and increased productivity.



Any organisation, regardless of its size, using Microsoft Outlook, will benefit from inMailX' High Return on Investment.

Contact us for a free inMailX demonstration, and discover the power of inMailX today!

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