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June 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0601 Version

New inMailX 3.21.0601 production release is now available. This version adds new Predictive Email Filing for SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Micro Focus Content Manager, iManage Work, Worldox and Network Folders; new Send Guard Attachments Preview before sending; search 'Record Field' for Micro Focus Content Manager; new NetDocuments Store Check In, Check Out, Move, Delete and Rename options; 'Open Link' in Web Client for Micro Focus Content Manager.

June 2021 - ALTACON 2021 Legal Tech Conference

We are super-excited to be participating in ALTACON 21 Legal Tech Conference + Expo for the Australian Legal Sector, on 4 June 2021. Don’t miss visiting our ‘inMailX by Digitus’ virtual booth to learn about inMailX and what it can do for your firm!

May 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0501 Version

New inMailX 3.21.0501 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Clean/PDF/Rename/ZIP Preview Pane feature; new Print Window Preview Pane; SharePoint 'New Document' Templates; SharePoint Search 'Document Sets' and 'Content' options; NetDocuments Browser Search functionality; additional Micro Focus Content Manager Link Folders options.

April 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0401 Version

New inMailX 3.21.0401 production release is now available. This version adds new Metadata Cleaning options and functionality, new Exclude Background Emails options for filing emails and cleaning attachments, search workspace folders option for iManage Work connector, SharePoint connector options to Check In/Out files from Outlook, new NetDocuments Preview Pane feature when attaching documents.

March 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0301 Version

New inMailX 3.21.0301 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Unprotect feature when reading emails, new Attach Files Preview feature for SharePoint and FileSystem, new 'Create Link' menu options for FileSystem, NetDocuments and SharePoint, enhanced Attachments Preview functionality, create New Folder in SharePoint when filing emails.

February 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0201 Version

New inMailX 3.21.0201 production release is now available. This version adds new Preview attachments when reading emails, new 'Copy, Find, Zoom, Fit' previewed content toolbar options, Linked Folder Name Suffix options, new 'Email Direction' and 'Conversation Title' variables, enhanced Connectors Preview Pane functionality, and several other user productivity enhancements.

February 2021 - 14th Managing Partners Forum 2021

We very pleased to participate in the 14th Managing Partners Forum, the foremost event for legal leaders in strategy, on 5-6 March 2021 at Pier One Hotel, Sydney, Australia. If you’re planning to attend the event, don’t miss visiting our exhibition stand to see the latest inMailX innovations.

January 2021 - New inMailX 3.21.0101 Version

The first inMailX 3.21.0101 production release for 2021 is now available. This version adds new Attachments Preview options for PDF page-range processing, new Print Emails Method functionality, Content Manager 'Inherit Classification from Parent Container' options and several other connector enhancements.